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Lucy & Tessa, SEEDRS

November 27, 2016


Maratown test and review with:

Lucy, PR and communication DIRECTOR at SEEDRS

Tessa, PR and communication OFFICER at SEEDRS


About Seedrs : Invest Online In Startups Via Equity Crowdfunding




LUCY: Hello there, I’m Lucy, I’m PR and communications director here at Seedrs.

My role in Seedrs is to work with entrepreneurs and startups for exciting innovative brands here in the UK.

TESSA: Hi my name is Tessa, I’m communication and PR officer at Seedrs.

I love to wear trainers for work. These are the perfect combination of shoes that are smart and super comfortable.

I play a lot of sports, I’m very active, and I really struggle to find comfy shoes a lot of the time that, you know, that are trainers, and that will work appropriately.



LUCY: You can bounce up and down and feel like you could walk forever. I feel like I’m walking on air. It’s a little bit like having marshmallow in your shoes. I sometimes get a sore back, and I feel that walking in these will put less strain on my lower back.

TESSA: I was really surprised when I saw how little cushioning are in the everyday shoes that I’ve been wearing myself. MARATOWN shoes seems to have so much extra padding and cushioning. It's almost like walking on those gymnastic mats, that you used to play on in P.E. class at school, and it’s just that extra bit of difference when you are on your feet all day, and you have to have the same pair of shoes on ten plus hours, it makes all difference in the world to have that extra bit of cushioning underneath.


Thank you Tessa and Lucy for your precious time.




Lucy and Tessa from Seedrs, reviewing Maratown

Lucy and Tessa from Seedrs, testing Maratown

Lucy and Tessa from Seedrs, reviewing Maratown


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