To date, Maratown are sold only on internet. Ask to your best comfort shoe store to distribute us ;-)

To help internet users to get the right size, we include in each shoebox an innovative fitting kit composed of volume adjusters and heel liners.  


maratown too large

Too large?

Add a 3mm or 5 mm volume adjuster below the removable insole. Bend it to insert right at the base of the heel.

maratown too long

Too long?

Does your heel slip out of the shoe ? Add a 3mm or 5 mm heel liner behind your heels. Test it a whole day before sticking it in place, because feet can swell throughout the day.
maratown too small

Too small?

Check that there is no volume adjuster below the insole. Try removing the insole and replacing it with your own thinner insole.


 maratown shoebox