Maratown™ launches the world's most cushioned dress shoes.

Maratown™ launches the world's most cushioned dress shoes.

Oktober 06, 2015


Do you dream of dress shoes as comfortable as your sport shoes? Discover the new MARATOWN™, the world's best absorption and rebound on dress shoes.


Whether you are a woman or a man, walking far to get work, or you’re on your feet all day, like a waiter, a nurse, a teacher, or a shopkeeper; whether you travel a lot for business, or are just someone bored of clunky comfortable shoes and looking for the most comfortable classic shoes. For you, Maratown™ created a super soft running sole with dressy style, and assembled it to a soft quality leather upper, the whole combining classiness with comfort.


Find your own MARATOWN™ shoes with a choice of 9 different styles:

-For women: wedges and boots, each in black or white.

-For men: 2 black derbies, one with a black sole or one in a bicolor sole, a black derby brogue with a bicolor sole, and a boot in black or brown.Maratown™ shoes, the world's most comfortable shoes


After months of work, the Maratown™ 's team has succeeded in creating a sole that comes directly from the cutting edge running shoe technology and uses a super soft sole, twice softer than in the softest existing dress shoes currently available ; they increased the thickness for more cushioning; and uses a high density EVA material for a durable absorption and rebound. Below, they added to the Maratown™ a well-known Vibram®­ outsole for high durability of the wear. At all, the Maratown™'s sole is also very light-weight. Then, they assembled it all in Western Europe -in Portugal to be exact- with a high-quality leather upper. According to foot specialists’ advice, Maratown™ implemented features such a removable insole, padding collar, soft leather upper, and smooth inside. In the end, the Maratown™ shoes offer a dressy style with the comfort of a sport shoe.


First testimonials recorded in New-York are very enthusiastic, like this women who tried the wedges : "it's cushiony. Very light. It almost feels like I'm not wearing shoes. I don't feel anything. It's not heavy at all. It's very comfortable. I could walk around all day in these, I think." Find the whole video of testimonials here.


Everything is now ready, and they need your help to launch the first round of production. Stay energized and get your Maratown™ shoes at an early bird price, of up to 50% OFF, only on Kickstarter, October 6th. Share with your friends and family, and help to bring Maratown - the world’s best cushioned dress shoes - to life.



About Maratown :

Maratown's mission is to boost your way by making revolutionary super cushioned shoes.

Production: Portugal, western Europe.

Headquarter: MARATOWN US INC - 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite F272 New York, N.Y. 10001 - USA

Customer service: Nancy, evangeslit at Maratown™, nancy@maratown.com


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