New-Yorkers testing Maratown

Oktober 07, 2015


New-Yorkers tested Maratown in Manhattan, at lunch break, in September 2015.


What women says:

"It's cushiony. Very light. It almost feels like I'm not wearing shoes. I don't feel anything. It's not heavy at all. It's very comfortable. I could walk around all day in these, I think."

"They are very light, very comfortable, very serviceable I find especially the inner sole are very soft, very cushion-able, and I think if you was on your feet all day long, they would be extremely essential."

"Perfect. Damn, I mean, I'm an HHA and I'm on my feet all day. These are perfect for my uniform, but I don't know if they're going to let me wear them because they said sneakers. I think they more comfortable thank sneakers. So this is perfect."

"Yeah, it's – your feet end up hurting a little bit because it's not sturdy. It's just comfort or you'll have sturdy but no comfort. This has both sturdiness and comfort."

"I actually find them very comfortable. I like the fact that it is made of leather. I also like the heel size on it. I think it's the right size for walking long distances."

"Doesn't feel tight at all, but it also feels like it fits well. My feet are not moving around a lot in the shoe."

"The shoes are very nice and very comfortable, very, very comfortable."

"I like it. It's very light. It's comfortable. I think I could last all day with these."


What men says:

"Shoes are very comfortable, very light, easy to walk around in. They fit well. I would definitely buy them for work. They're the style I would need for work, so yeah, they fit. They feel good."

"The first thing I noticed when putting on these shoes is they're very light. A lot of times when you're wearing some shoes, they're kind of heavy, and it can get to you after a while, after a long day. That's the first thing that occurs to me. Secondly, it is  pretty comfortable, specifically under the heel. A lot of times, I'm walking around all day in the city. I have a heavy bag on me, maybe two bags, catching trains. I need them perfect. You need to move in them quickly. So I feel like it would take a lot of the pressure off and makes it easier, especially when you're carrying some heavy things. Overall, very comfortable shoe."

"So I like these shoes because they're comfortable. I walk a lot; I walk maybe one mile a day. I'm going from Queens, to Manhattan, up to Washington Heights, and then back to Queens, and I'm always on my feet. These shoes, they're so comfortable. They're light. They're not heavy. It kind of feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, but they're good. You can dress them down, and you can dress them up. You could wear them out with a suit or if I were just wearing some slacks or some jeans, I could wear them with that, too. "

"So if you look, you have your typical men's nice dress shoe that people wear in New York a lot. If you put this thing down so that 1 pound, 4 ounces; 1 pound, 5 ounces. Now if you take the shoe I'm wearing, this thing is super light. It's only 12 ounces total."

"...from New York and it'd be nice to try on these shoes. I've just been walking around. They're extremely comfortable, very, very light, much lighter than what I expected, which is what I like. Just to give you an idea of how light they are, I have these new trainers, which are extremely light and weigh 9.6 pound. The shoe itself is about 11.7. It's as you'd expect, a little bit heaver, but nevertheless, it's very, very comfortable, nice soft leather, and very easy to walk in."

"Yeah, they feel good. They feel like they also got like a little springy to them when you walk. They don't feel like real flat-footed. So they actually feel good. I mean, the bigger test would be to wear them all day and then find out exactly how it is, but on the first instance, they do feel good. They actually feel better than my sneakers."

"They're very sports feeling, even though they're dress shoes. That's kind of interesting. …. has these type of sport shoes. They have a foam feeling to it. It still feels like I'm wearing those. It is comfortable, for sure. It is. I personally don't really like the thickness of the bottom. I don't know; maybe that's what it is that makes it feel so comfortable, but I don't – not my style kind of thing. If we're talking about comfort-ability, yeah, it feels a lot better than the ones I have now, for sure. I feel I'm not at work. They do feel good, for my opinion."


Thank you all!




About Maratown :
Maratown's mission is to boost your way by making revolutionary super cushioned shoes.
Production: Portugal, western Europe.
Headquarter: MARATOWN US INC - 244 Fifth Avenue, Suite F272 New York, N.Y. 10001 - USA
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