Urban Sneakers Made Like Maximalists Running Shoes - Maratown

Urban Sneakers Made Like Maximalists Running Shoes - Maratown

diciembre 13, 2016

Would you love to wear sneakers for city living that are as comfortable as the best-cushioned running shoes made for athletes? When you are a runner, you know firsthand what it takes to make a comfortable shoe—especially if you appreciate an over-padded sole like Hoka One One. Inspired by marathon shoes, Maratown launches a super- cushioned sneaker made for your everyday marathons!


December 13, 2016

maraton marathon

New York, NY — How many of you wear your sport shoes while traveling to and from work, and then switch over to your dress shoes once you arrive? Would you choose your trainers every morning to go to work if your office dress code didn’t forbid it ? Of course you would! How many times have you chosen to travel by a taxi or metro, rather than walk, because of your uncomfortable shoes? Then you will love the “marshmallow effect” that Maratown’s new sneakers will provide when they launch on Kickstarter in January 2017.


Our classic styles are made of premium leather and offer a super-soft and bouncy sole that experts who know how important rebound is as shock absorption will appreciate. Without rebound after each step, it would feel like walking or slugging through sand—exhausting. Rebound returns energy to each step, and makes your walk more dynamic. One of Maratown’s secrets is the use of our cutting-edge foam which offers both great absorption and rebound, thanks to high-density, resilience, and elasticity.


In 2015, Maratown’s founder ran a half marathon with dress shoes on his feet. Yes, dress shoes…but the difference is these shoes were made from Maratown’s initial collection: “I launched Maratown to combine the comfort of the maximalist’s running shoes in a dress shoe. Then many people told me that Maratown dress shoes were more comfortable than their sneakers, and I realized that even sneakers with very good cushion didn’t exist, until now!”

maratown marathon

Ready to walk on clouds with Maratown? Pre-orders just opened on Maratown.com and a Kickstarter campaign will come in January 2017. Don’t miss the early backer offer!



Maratown is on a mission to boost your stride by creating revolutionary maximally cushioned shoes.

For men and women.

For more information on MARATOWN shoes, visit: MARATOWN.com

Pre-order or sign-up to be the first to know when the Kickstarter will start, and enjoy exclusive early backer’s price.

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