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Crema negra

Limpia, nutre, protege.

Para cuero liso negro.


Ingredientes naturales (a base de agua).

1-Aplicar con una esponja.

2-Para acabados brillantes: use el paño fino. Para el acabado mate: simplemente deje secar.

3-Espere 20 minutos y aplique a prueba de agua.

Envío al mundo entero.

Los precios incluyen todos los impuestos para EE. UU. Y la UE.


Maratown is on a mission to make the most comfortable dressed-up shoes, combining a maximalist running shoe sole with a minimalist dress shoe upper.

Stay chic on your daily marathons. Don't choose between elegance and comfort - take both.

Maximally thick and squishy sole, but still stable and lightweight.

Walk farther, pain free.


Atop a maximalist sole, a minimalistic upper inspired by dress shoes. Made to wear for any occasion where you need the comfort of a running shoe with a dressed-up style. At work, for daily use, with jeans, slacks, a skirt, or a suit, the only business casual shoes made with a cushy running shoe sole.