Maratown Launches the World’s Most Cushioned Sneakers

Maratown Launches the World’s Most Cushioned Sneakers

décembre 15, 2016

Maratown Launches the World’s Most Cushioned Sneakers—Feel Like Walking On Clouds


Do you dream of walking on clouds, marshmallows, or air? Maratown is on a mission to revolutionize comfort by making super-cushioned shoes. They launch their new sneakers with a Kickstarter campaign in January 2017.


December 15, 2016


New York, NY — We all love the comfort of our sneakers: they’re easy to wear, lightweight and they fit well. Period. Traditional sneakers have almost no cushioning. Have you ever tried the cushioning of a maximalist running shoe made for marathons? Maratown draws its inspiration from the marathon to combine cushioned maximalist marathon running shoes with elegant urban styles.


Maratown shoes are perfect for your everyday marathons, at work, or while standing and walking all day. With your Maratown shoes, you will feel like you’re walking on clouds every day!


Maratown’s bread and butter is to offer a super-thick sole made of a soft, cutting-edge foam. We use 1.5-inch cushioning in each shoe, compared to the usual 0.2 to 0.5 inches of hard rubber in others. What this means is Maratown put 33% less pressure on your feet at the time of ground impact (reckoned with pressure sensors in each sole). If you feel like your feet can’t handle any more pressure in your uncomfortable shoes, you’ve just discovered the answer: Maratown.  


Experts know that rebound is as important as shock absorption. Without rebound after a step, it would feel like walking in the sand—exhausting! Rebound returns energy to each step to make your walk more dynamic. One of Maratown’s secrets is the use of a cutting-edge foam which offers both great absorption and rebound, thanks to high-density, resilience, and elasticity—all while remaining very soft.


While you might understandably think that using a soft material could result in a short lifespan for your shoes, the durability of Maratown is at least as long as a standard shoe, thanks to the high-density and resiliency of our soft, non-flattening foam, and its 3 mm rubber outsole.

B.Gaignot, a podiatrist in Paris, France says: “Maratown offers a real, innovating, shock-absorbing sole, with modern style. Maratown also meets standards of comfortable shoes: wide room, lightweight, seamless inside, padded collar and tongue, and removable insoles for you to insert your personalized orthotic insoles. As a podiatrist, I would also say Maratown fits with most orthoses.


While cushion is our unique competitive advantage, Maratown’s team worked with podiatrists and orthotists to address important comfort requirements listed below:


Drop: The heel is 45 degrees in higher than the forefront, to spread pressure throughout the foot.

Bending: Despite the thickness of the sole, the use of soft materials and a thinner front allows the shoe to adapt to your foot.

Removable insole: If you are using customized orthopedic insoles, you can remove the existing insole, and still keep 90% of the cushioning property in the middle sole. With traditional shoes only the insole provides 90% of the cushioning.

Padded collar and tongue: Maratown sneakers provide padding and cushioning at all pressure points, not just in the sole.

Soft and premium leather: No more stiff leather that hurts until you breaking it in. They’re soft and supple out of the box!

Fitting: Our shoes have been studied by specialists to offer the best fit. Maratown offers an innovative fitting kit, including volume adjusters and heel liners in each shoebox


Maratown shoes are made for working men and women who are on their feet all day, for people who walk to work, and for the fast-paced urban lifestyle. Maratown shoes make super comfort possible in classic and elegant sneakers without compromising style.


First testimonials come from field testers:

Lucy, press officer and communication director at Seedrs (www.seedrs.com): “You can bounce up and down and feel like you could walk forever. I feel like I’m walking on air. It’s a little bit like having a marshmallow in your shoes!”

Mark, traveler journalist and founder of 101holidays (www.101holidays.co.uk): “I’ve worn many comfortable shoes, but those are the best. I feel a little bit like I’m floating on air!”

(More reviews here).


Maratown, a crowd-funded shoe brand, will launch its second Kickstarter campaign in January 2017. Launched in 2015, the first production was financed by a $30,000 successful campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


In 2015, Maratown’s founder ran a half-marathon with dress shoes from the initial collection on his feet: “I launched Maratown to combine the comfort of the maximalists running shoes in a dress shoe. Then many people told me that Maratown dress shoes were more comfortable than their sneakers, and I realized that even sneakers with very good cushion didn’t exist, until now!”


Maratown, a New York-based company, produces shoes in Portugal. Portugal has a very active footwear industry, and all work is performed in strict compliance with European standards of worker health and safety conditions. Maratown uses premium materials, especially a naturally soft leather.


Finally, Maratown’s aim is to raise your way of walking by providing a lot more comfort. It means that you’ve got a lot more energy to go out there and get stuff done. We don’t think about sore feet or a sore back. With Maratown, you can concentrate on the deal or the sale that you are making—by forgetting about your feet and focusing on getting the job done!


Ready to walk on clouds with MARATOWN? Pre-orders just opened on Maratown.com and a Kickstarter campaign will come in January 2017. Don’t miss the early backer offer!




Maratown is on a mission to boost your stride by creating revolutionary maximally cushioned shoes.

For men and women.

For more information on MARATOWN shoes, visit: Maratown.com

Pre-order or sign-up to be the first to know when the Kickstarter will start, and enjoy exclusive early backer’s price.

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